Get Set to Garden

Avoid injuries and back ache as you tackle your garden this spring!
Here’s how:

Take Time to Smell the Flowers!

Many chiropractic clinics see the number of patients with lower back pain increase once gardening season sets in.  The Canadian Chiropractic Association partnered with Chatelaine magazine recently on a public education program to help reduce the risk of back ache in the spring and ensure that your garden work brings more pleasure than pain!

If you would like some personal tips on chiropractic-friendly gardening, be sure to give the the Surrey  Pain & Wellness Clinic a call!

STRETCH before you start.
Start with a brisk walk, then do some light stretching.

Use the right tools.
Choose lightweight, ergonomically- designed tools for the job.

Bend and lift with ease.
Bend your knees and use your leg and arm muscles to lift and lower the load. Keep your back straight and avoid twisting your body.

Take frequent breaks.
Fatigue can increase your risk of injury. Take breaks and alternate between heavy and light work.

For more back health information visit or stop by the Surrey Pain & Wellness Clinic to speak with a chiropractor.