Chiropractic – Bringing Structure and Function into Alignment

Dr. Sadhra, Chiropractor, Surrey Pain & Wellness Cliinic

Surrey Pain & Wellness Chiropractic Clinic offers a range of pain & drug-free services to help give relief from chronic pain and achieve overall better health

Relief from back or neck
pain is often what our patients  notice first.  They may also find other areas
of the body are relieved
once the spinal column is aligned, as the nerves
that run to those areas of the body also run through the spinal column.  Muscle spasms, headaches
and other symptoms may also decrease from chiropractic treatment(s).
Chiropractic adjustments
are a unique approach to health because of their
ability to reduce stress
on the joints.   Chiropractic also helps to restore normal
range of motion & function through the entire body, while supporting the
nervous system’s natural ability to heal itself.
Proper spinal alignment results in proper nervous system function – and when the nervous system is working well, the body simply functions better.  Patients who regularly visit the chiropractor are less likely to have a relapse in their injury, and may find that they recover faster if they do happen to become injured.

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