Chiropractic Care at Surrey Pain & Wellness

The chiropractic approach to health focuses on the relationship between the body’s structure and its function.  Adjustments to the spine can restore alignment, avoid premature degeneration of the spine and discs, and decrease abnormal weight distribution through the entire body.

Chiropractic care focuses on the spine – the part of the body that protects all aspects of the nervous system.  Therefore it makes sense that rehabilitation of the spinal structures is also an aspect of maintaining a healthy nervous system and ensuring that our body and our brain communicate well and work in harmony.

  • Treatments are non invasive and drug free
  • Most health care plans provide coverage for you and your dependants

What to Expect

  • Your first appointment may last up to an hour, so the doctor can conduct a thorough examination and obtain a full case history before recommending an appropriate course of treatment
  • Subsequent treatment visits may take only a few minutes
  • Adjustments are done by applying specific controlled pressure to the involved areas of the body  (usually while lying down)
  • There are many different kinds of adjusting techniques – it is best to ask about these at your appointment
  • Treatments should be very comfortable
  • Some people report immediate relief after the first treatment
  • Time between treatments will be more frequent at the beginning, but relief from symptoms will last longer as the body recovers and maintains alignment on its own
  • The course of treatment and results depend on the type of condition and the length of time the condition has existed (Usually, the more severe or chronic the condition, the longer it will take to recover.)
  • A course of rehabilitative exercises will likely be prescribed

Patient Testimonials About Surrey Pain & Wellness Clinic Chiropractic Services

In July 2010, I bent down to pick up a 2 lb box.  Within minutes I had the most painful “spasm” from my back going all the way down my leg.  I had to go out and drove the car while the pain became worse.  When I arrived home, I took some Advil and lay on a heating pad.  The pain did not subside.  I first went to a massage therapist, then off to my chiropractor.  After several treatments, the pain had not subsided and I trudged off to my family medical doctor.  I had an x-ray, a CT-Scan, and a pocket full of prescriptions for an anti-inflammatory and pain killer (which is highly addicting).  I was then told I could do anything I wanted.  So, despite the pain, I tried to lift grandchildren, care for my aging parents, and walk as normal as possible.

The first weekend in February 2011, I was struck with an even more severe pain to the point of crying.  The pain meds and anti-inflammatory pills were not even touching the area of pain.  I checked into Emergency on the Friday night to receive the same old answer – go home, take this pain pill, and rest.

Very discouraged, I began to Google “Pain and Wellness Clinic”.  That is when I found the Surrey Pain Wellness Clinic.  I completed the online registration form and made my first appointment.  Ironically, I attempted to drive myself to the Clinic while I was experiencing spasms in my leg and lower back.  By the time I arrived, I was crying and could hardly walk.  Dr. Sadhra diagnosed my problem immediately.  Eight laser therapy treatments later, I was pain free and walked like a real human being.

I am more than grateful to Dr. Sadhra and laser therapy.  Not all problems can be treated with pills.

Dr. Sadhra is a personable, well mannered person with a caring demeanor.  Book an appointment and check their chiropractic clinic and pain and wellness services out for yourself.  And don’t forget to bring your sense of humour with you!

Submitted by,
Marilyn Cross

(a valued patient at Surrey Pain & Wellness Clinic)

Surrey Pain & Wellness Chiropractic Clinic Facebook page is a great source of feedback and testimonials about various treatments, here are a few:

  • Dr. Sadhra is a great doctor! I was in a car accident a few months ago and had whiplash and lower back pain. Due to the whiplash I experienced numbness in my fingers of both hands. The pain kept me up during the night because it was so intense, I could not sleep. Then I saw Dr. Sadhra’s advertisement in the “NOW” newspaper and I made an appointment.  It was the best thing I ever did. He gave me laser treatment for my numbness in my fingers, as well as massages throughout my lower back and neck. He has allowed me to get back to my normal routine and activities I used to do before the accident. He goes beyond any expectations I had in a doctor. He is more than a doctor, he gives me moral support and acts like a counselor. I highly recommend Dr. Sadhra as a chiropractor to anyone! :)  ~ Emma
  • Dr. Sadhra you are indeed a great Chiropractor!  You have really helped me. ~ Carrie