Customized Foot Orthotics in Surrey

The feet are the foundation of your skeletal system – they support you when you stand, walk or run over your entire life time.

If you suffer from pain in the foot, knee, hip or low back then customized foot orthotics may help you find relief.  Customized foot orthotics also complement your chiropractic treatments to stabilize the spine and pelvis and correct imbalances in your feet.

What to Expect

  • Bio-mechanical assessment of your posture as you sit, walk and move about;
  • Measurement of the legs and your feet;

Advantages of Customized Foot Orthotics

  • Complements chiropractic care (supporting the alignment/ adjustment made by the chiropractor);
  • Can help correct structural and postural problems;
  • Can help correct pronation and supination problems in the feet;
  • Can lift the heels and correct inequalities in leg length;
  • Pain free, non-invasive, no medications required;
  • Can reduce injuries related to sports;
  • Many extended health plans provide coverage to purchase orthotics for yourself and your dependants.
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