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Listen to your heart

Surrey Pain & Wellness Chiropractic Clinic

Being a leap year, there is one extra day this year to put your heart first.  The reason heart disease is the #1 cause of death in Canada is because so many people ignore the symptoms.

  1. Not all heart attacks cause chest pain, though an ache or mild discomfort, burning, squeezing or a sensation of pressure in the chest can be an indicator.  Also – the pain may be present for a few minutes or hours and then subside, leading the person to believe that they are fine.
  2. Persistent coughing or wheezing can be a symptom of heart failure.
  3. Unusual fatigue can be another symptom of heart failure.  Feeling excessively tired can be a symptom in the weeks leading up to a heart attack.
  4. Pain in the shoulders, neck, arms, jaw or abdomen can be present – without any chest pain – during a heart attack.
  5. A rapid or irregular pulse, especially if accompanied by weakness dizziness or shortness of breath, should not be left untreated.

A person having a heart attack may not be aware or simply be in denial that they need urgent medical attention.  Wasting time is dangerous.  If you don’t feel well and are experiencing any of these symptoms, see a doctor immediately or dial 911.




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Spinal Decompression Therapy http://www.surreywellness.com/spinal-decompression-therapy-2/ http://www.surreywellness.com/spinal-decompression-therapy-2/#comments Fri, 10 Feb 2012 17:23:42 +0000 http://www.surreywellness.com/?p=1539 back or neck pain
Spinal decompression therapy can provide relief from chronic neck or back pain

If you or someone you know suffers from chronic back or neck pain, spinal  decompression therapy may provide the long lasting relief you are looking for.

Spinal decompression treatments at Surrey Pain & Wellness chiropractic clinic are combined with a customized treatment plan to help ensure that your greatest potential for recovery is achieved.

Spinal decompression is done on a specialized table attached to a module that measures the exact parameters to adjust the spine and supports the body in a comfortable position for a prolonged period (about 15-20 minutes) to begin the necessary alignment required to reduce and eliminate painful conditions naturally without medication or surgery.

While some patients may experience immediate relief,  it is important to complete the entire treatment plan as prescribed by the chiropractor to ensure lasting re-alignment and recovery from pain.

If you suffer from chronic back or neck problems, spinal decompression therapy may be the treatment that provides lasting relief and finally  puts you on the road to recovery.    Visit our chiropractic clinic at Newton Crossing for a consult to find out more or read more about spinal decompression therapy at Surrey Pain & Wellness Clinic.

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Orthotics to maintain, recover and restore daily physical activity http://www.surreywellness.com/orthotics-to-maintain-recover-and-restore-daily-physical-activity/ http://www.surreywellness.com/orthotics-to-maintain-recover-and-restore-daily-physical-activity/#comments Fri, 27 Jan 2012 21:14:28 +0000 http://www.surreywellness.com/?p=1534
Orhtotics relieve pain, provide support and can be customized to fit any pair of shoes

Surrey Pain & Wellness Chiropractic Clinic – Newton Crossing in Surrey, BC

Orthotics provided at Surrey Pain & Wellness chiropractic clinic are inserts customized for the individual foot – not feet, since even your own two feet are unique from each other.

A customized orthotic ensures the foot is in its neutral position to allow for safe and optimal movement.  With continued wear, the foot will begin to realign and restore proper movement and function, in turn supporting proper function of all the lower limbs.

As a result much foot, leg, hip and even back pain can be reduced or eliminated.

Custom orthotics help support an active lifestyle, improve overall athletic performance and decrease fatigue.  They can be worn in multiple pairs of shoes – be sure to discuss your daily activities with the chiropractor and bring along the shoes you would like to wear your orthotics with.

Custom orthotics are covered by most extended health insurance plans.  Common ailments treated by orthotics:

•    Plantar fasciitis
•    Bunions
•    Flat feet
•    Shin splints
•    Ankle pain
•    Knee pain
•    Hip pain
•    Back pain
•    Achilles tendinitis

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Go Red for Women Premiere Short Film – Just a Little Heart Attack http://www.surreywellness.com/go-for-red-women-premiere-short-film-just-a-little-heart-attack/ http://www.surreywellness.com/go-for-red-women-premiere-short-film-just-a-little-heart-attack/#comments Sat, 21 Jan 2012 17:33:08 +0000 http://www.surreywellness.com/?p=1529

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Resolutions for a Healthy Spine – Surrey Pain & Wellness Chiropractic Clinic http://www.surreywellness.com/new-years-resolutions-for-a-healthy-spine-surrey-pain-wellness-chiropractic-clinic/ http://www.surreywellness.com/new-years-resolutions-for-a-healthy-spine-surrey-pain-wellness-chiropractic-clinic/#comments Tue, 03 Jan 2012 00:43:38 +0000 http://www.surreywellness.com/?p=1505
A Healthy Spine Helps Ensure a Healthier Year Ahead

As spinal health is a key aspect of your overall health and well being, resolve to have a healthier spine in 2012!

1.  I resolve to get regular chiropractic adjustments.  Why?

Relief. Relief from back or neck pain is often the first benefit our patients notice. You may  find other areas of your body are relieved once your spinal column is aligned as the nerves that run to those areas of the body also run through the spinal column.  Muscle spasms, headaches and other symptoms may also decrease after an adjustment.

Restore function. Chiropractic adjustments are unique in their ability to reduce stress on the joints, as well as helping restore normal range of motion and function through the entire body, while supporting the nervous system’s natural ability to heal itself.

Maintain aligngment. Proper spinal alignment results in proper nervous system function and when the nervous system is communicating properly, the body simply functions better.  Patients who regularly visit the chiropractor are less likely to relapse and find that they recover more quickly if they do happen to become injured.

2.   I resolve to ensure a quality sleep.  Why? 

Sleep is another key factor of overall health; this is when your body repairs itself.  Generally it is to lay in a neutral position on your side, rather than the stomach. (Sleeping directly on the stomach puts pressure on the spine.)   A supportive pillow and mattress can also help enhance the quality of your sleep.

3.  I resolve to increase my level of physical activity.  Why? 

If you are already active, consider changing it up.  Different types of exercise protect your spine in different ways and changing it up decreases your chance of repetitive injury. Lifting weights ensures spinal support and protection. Cardio help lose those extra pounds put on over the holidays. (Excess weight drags down on the ligaments, muscles and tendons of the lower back, causing pain.) Stretching helps keep the body flexible.  Some types of yoga combine stretching, strengthening and cardio.

4.   I resolve to stretch.   Why? 

Tight muscles can result in various imbalances in the body’s structure, causing  pain and increasing the risk of injury.  For example, tight hamstrings can cause posture problems, since this can pull the pelvis out of its normal position, resulting in chronic back or sacroiliac joint pain.

5.  I resolve to create a spine-friendly work environment.  Why?

Designing the workplace to meet your individual needs impacts health, safety, productivity and efficiency.

Back pain is one of the most common work-related injuries and is often caused by ordinary work activities such as sitting in an office chair or heavy lifting.  Make sure that you have ergonomic supports if your work requires long periods of sitting or standing, and that you are able to vary your position often.

6.  I resolve to stay hydrated.  Why?

Like all body parts, the spine requires water to maintain and repair healthy tissue and keep joints lubricated.  The cushion-like  discs between the vertebrae protect your spine by absorbing the impact of daily activity.  When you are consistently dehydrated, the discs are less able to absorb shock.   So keep a bottle of water with you, and sip frequently.

Tip:  if you don’t enjoy drinking water, throw in a wedge of lemon, lime or slice up some orange or cucumber into your water bottle for some tang!  Your spine (and the rest of your body) will thank you for it!

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PRICE for Healthy Muscles? http://www.surreywellness.com/price-for-healthy-muscles-surrey-pain-wellness-chiropractic-clinic/ http://www.surreywellness.com/price-for-healthy-muscles-surrey-pain-wellness-chiropractic-clinic/#comments Tue, 20 Dec 2011 00:36:55 +0000 http://www.surreywellness.com/?p=1485 Surrey Pain & Wellness Chiropractic Clinic Wins Best Chiropractor Award in Surrey
Surrey Pain & Wellness Chiropractic Clinic can help patients heal from a range of musculo-skeletal injuries

Surrey Pain & Wellness Chiropractic Clinic

You can’t afford to NOT take care of a muscle injury with this easy treatment!

Muscle cramps and spasms are sustained contractions in the muscle.  They can be just uncomfortable or extremely painful! And they can make you prone to more serious injury!

Gentle stretching of the affected and surrounding muscle groups can bring relief.  Staying well hydrated and in good physical condition can help prevent them.

PRICE can help ensure that muscle cramps, spasms and more serious injuries are reduced or heal quickly without complications.

•    Protection. Protect small injuries using bandages, elastic wraps, or simple splints.
•    Rest. Injured tissue requires time to heal. You may have to give up running, while your calf or ankle are inflamed, but you
can still swim or do upper body work.
•    Ice. Ice is the best anti-inflammatory to reduce both swelling and pain – and is drug-free!  Apply an ice pack for 15 – 20
minutes after an injury. Repeat application every hour for the first four hours, and then four times a day for the next two or
three days.
•    Compression. Pressure can also help reduce swelling and inflammation. In most cases, an elastic bandage will do the trick.
•    Elevation. Elevate the injured area to drain fluids away from injured tissue to help reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain.

Surrey Pain & Wellness Chiropractic Clinic was voted best Chiropractor in Surrey, South Surrey, Delta & White Rock in 2010 by patients and readers of the Surrey Now Newspaper!

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‘Tis the Season – So Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff! http://www.surreywellness.com/tis-the-season-so-dont-sweat-the-small-stuff/ http://www.surreywellness.com/tis-the-season-so-dont-sweat-the-small-stuff/#comments Tue, 13 Dec 2011 20:45:12 +0000 http://www.surreywellness.com/?p=1479 Surrey Pain & Wellness Clinic – Let the Healing Begin!

There is no doubt that our state of well being can be influenced by stress.  And while stress is not seasonal, the holiday season is one where there are extra demands on our time and expectations run high.  It is also the season where we might not eat as well or get as much rest as we normally would.

So here are some tips that will not only help you get through the holiday season, but help ensure wellness all year long and over a lifetime.
1.    Eat a fresh fruit and/or vegetable before each meal.  It will help fill you up, hydrate you and provide valuable nutrients.
2.    Supplement with a healthy fish oil and vitamin C.
3.    Commit to 20 minutes of physical activity today!
4.    Fill your water bottle with herbal, unsweetened tea such as green or peppermint to keep you hydrated.
5.    Relax before going to bed by reading, meditating or listening to quiet music.
6.    Reduce your physical stress – stretch, breathe, and get a chiropractic adjustment!

With best wishes in health for the holiday season and in the New Year!

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Surrey Pain & Wellness Chiropractic http://www.surreywellness.com/surrey-pain-wellness-chiropractic/ http://www.surreywellness.com/surrey-pain-wellness-chiropractic/#comments Thu, 01 Dec 2011 12:08:30 +0000 http://www.surreywellness.com/?p=1469 Rise and shine early to jump start your day (and your metabolism)

They say the early bird gets the worm – and when it comes to exercise in the morning there are definite advantages.

If you have a hard time scheduling a time to work out, then planning to exercise first thing every morning may help you develop a normal routine.  When you know you have committed to working out first thing in the morning, you are less likely to become distracted or cancel out after a long or stressful work day.

A good morning workout provides a rush of adrenaline and sense of accomplishment that will last all day long.

If that isn’t enough incentive, did you know that exercise in the morning has been proven to help “jump-start” your metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day?

Exercise wakes up the body and the brain. Once you get a routine of  working out in the morning, you’ll eventually wake up faster and more alert, though it will take about two to three weeks to adapt to your new routine.

In the meantime, set your alarm clock and before long you’ll be feeling healthier, stronger, less stressed and probably getting a better quality sleep!

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How to Prepare for your Chiropractor Appointment – Surrey Pain & Wellness Chiropractic Clinic http://www.surreywellness.com/how-to-prepare-for-your-chiropractor-appointment-surrey-pain-wellness-chiropractic-clinic/ http://www.surreywellness.com/how-to-prepare-for-your-chiropractor-appointment-surrey-pain-wellness-chiropractic-clinic/#comments Wed, 16 Nov 2011 03:39:20 +0000 http://www.surreywellness.com/?p=1461 Are you new to Chiropractic?

Welcome to Surrey Pain & Wellness Chiropractic Clinic – and a natural, drug-free approach to optimal health and wellness!   Chiropractic provides an approach to healing a range of musculoskeletal problems – neck, back, shoulder, hip, arms, legs, muscles and nerves.

1.  Don’t put off booking your chiropractic appointment, especially if you are in pain. We do try to accommodate walk-in patients and patients with schedules, but it is always best to call ahead of time.  If we don’t have a same day appointment
available, let us know if you are open to cancellations and we will call you if another patient cancels.

 Fill in the Systems Review, the Health History Questionnaire and the New Patient Initial Intake Form ahead of time.  Also make note of any additional symptoms you are experiencing.   It is easy to forget important details, so if you prepare in advance, the doctor can review your history and symptoms with you thoroughly at your first appointment.  You can download each of the forms by clicking on the link and printing them off at home.   You can also stop by our office to pick up the forms or call to have them faxed.  Alternatively, you could arrive a few minutes early to fill the forms in so you don’t feel rushed.

2.  Make note of any questions you have before your appointment – whether you have been to our office once or 100 times.  And – don’t forget to bring your notes along to your appointment!

3.  Find out what insurance benefits you have and the type of coverage it provides for chiropractic treatment(s), laser pain therapy, customized orthotics, or spinal decompression therapy.  Surrey Pain & Wellness Clinic wants chiropractic care to be accessible and affordable in the community.

 If you don’t have extended health benefits and are on the British Columpia  MSP Supplementary Benefits Program, Surrey
Pain & Wellness Clinic charges no additional premiums.

We hope to see you at Surrey Pain & Wellness Clinic soon!  Let the healing begin – call 604.507.9929.


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Active Transportation in Surrey – Surrey Pain & Wellness Chiropractic Clinic http://www.surreywellness.com/active-transportation-in-surrey-surrey-pain-wellness-chiropractic-clinic/ http://www.surreywellness.com/active-transportation-in-surrey-surrey-pain-wellness-chiropractic-clinic/#comments Mon, 31 Oct 2011 22:19:12 +0000 http://www.surreywellness.com/?p=1450 Take the Time to be Healthier

Active transportation is any sort of transportation powered by YOU – walking, cycling, using a wheelchair, in-line skating or skateboarding. There are many ways to use active transportation in your daily life, whether it is walking to the bus stop, or cycling even part way to school or work.

Before you leave home to run that errand or get yourself or your kids to work or school, maybe ask yourself if driving there is necessary… could you walk or bike instead? If the weather’s nice and you’re going nearby, chances are you could easily choose a form of active transportation, save gas, money, get healthier and increase quality time with your kids.  Maybe it means leaving a little earlier, but often it doesn’t take much to change up the usual routine.

In our community, the City of Surrey Greenways plan encourages “active transportation” as part of its sustainable transportation plan for the community and as a key component of an active, healthy lifestyle.  Check out the Greenway routes here.


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