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Rise and shine early to jump start your day (and your metabolism)

They say the early bird gets the worm – and when it comes to exercise in the morning there are definite advantages.

If you have a hard time scheduling a time to work out, then planning to exercise first thing every morning may help you develop a normal routine.  When you know you have committed to working out first thing in the morning, you are less likely to become distracted or cancel out after a long or stressful work day.

A good morning workout provides a rush of adrenaline and sense of accomplishment that will last all day long.

If that isn’t enough incentive, did you know that exercise in the morning has been proven to help “jump-start” your metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day?

Exercise wakes up the body and the brain. Once you get a routine of  working out in the morning, you’ll eventually wake up faster and more alert, though it will take about two to three weeks to adapt to your new routine.

In the meantime, set your alarm clock and before long you’ll be feeling healthier, stronger, less stressed and probably getting a better quality sleep!

Exercise Caution – Your Chiropractor Can Help

Exercise is Important for Overall Health & Wellness – Even when Injured

When visiting Surrey Pain & Wellness Chiropractic Clinic, the chiropractor will want to know about your physical activity – what, how often, and whether you have an injury or condition that has changed that routine.   Not all exercise is the same.  Some is for strength, some is for flexibility and range of motion.  Some are intense and some are relaxing.  Some are aerobic and some are anaerobic.

In most cases, we can all use some adaptation to our physical activity level.  This is especially true if you are rehabilitating from an injury or are under a chiropractor’s care.  It is important that your body is strong enough to eventually hold the adjustment made by your chiropractor.  Therefore cardio and gentle strengthening exercises combined with chiropractic care are important in rehabilitation from injury.   Some people may need to incorporate more stretching or increased variety into their routine, especially if they spend long periods of time sitting or standing for work.

If you have a history of heart problems, it is important for the patient to consult with not only their chiropractor, but also their primary care physician or cardiologist to ensure that increased cardiovascular activities are safe.

In general, 20 – 40 minutes of exercise, including muscle strengthening and a cardio routine is desirable.  Your chiropractor will be able to modify your existing routines or help to develop new exercises and routines that are appropriate for you.

Physical activity combined with chiropractic treatments helps ensure a safe, fast recovery.  Call Surrey Pain & Wellness Chiropractic Clinic to learn more!