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Chiropractic Care – Can it Help on the Golf Course?

Chiropractic Care has a Long History of Helping People Increase their Range of Motion and Reap Benefits that are meaningful to them

Increasing your spine’s range of motion can have many positive effects – even on your golf handicap!

For some, an increased range of motion is just being able to bend down and put on your shoes.  To others, an increase range of motion means less pain when going about your day.  For an athlete, an increase in the spine’s range of motion means increased power and speed.

For a golfer, it can mean additional drive on the golf course.  

Flexibility in the joints and range of motion help prevent serious injury and is a goal when rehabilitating after an injury.  (The range of motion is measured by the number of degrees that a joint can be moved.)

Best of all, increases in spinal range of motion can occur almost immediately following chiropractic treatment.  This is one of the reasons why many professional sporting teams retain a team of chiropractors to provide adjustments before and after their events.

During your first visit to Surrey Pain & Wellness Clinic, you can expect to have a conversation with Dr. Manjit about your range of motion.  Part of a typical biomechanical assessment will include some  simple range-of-motion exercises to help evaluate your physiological health.

It isn’t only amateur golfers who suffer from injuries. It has been approximated that nearly a third of pro golfers playing in the same time frame are playing with injuries. On the brighter side, all-round good health and fitness can lessen how many injuries you may acquire – maybe even deter them totally.   A successful golf swing hinges on your spine’s ability to adequately move in a rotational fashion.

To be certain that your spine is in appropriate alignment and there is a good range of motion in the vertebrae, come by the Surrey Pain & Wellness Clinic.   Chiropractic care can make a big difference in helping you to prevent or recover from back injury.